IBM i (AS400, i Series)

Some of the headaches

Inefficiencies cause lost time importing and exporting Excels

Limited Printer Options Due To Previous Programming

Unable to scan and retrieve documents directly from the IBM i system

No way to easily make IBM i information available across platforms and applications

Forms Design And Changes Can Only Be Performed By RPG Programmers

The MiNET Solutions

Import or Export Excel, txt, or csv directly to/from the IBM i, on a scheduled or one-off basis. Auto email distribution included.

Similar to Screen Scrape, Convert Green Screen data, with 1 click, to an Outlook, Word, Excel doc, web-based app and more; installed and ready in under 1 hour.

Scan, archive, display images, documents, emails and more directly from a Green Screen.

Eliminate pre-printed or hard coded forms. Make form changes in minutes, not days, with a drag and drop designer.

Eliminate the need to buy new IPDS cards anytime a printer is upgraded. This Windows based emulation offers full IPDS support for virtually any printer and finishing features.

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