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3 Rivers Christian School Prints With Everyoneprint

“We’re glad we went with MiNET. Their suggestions and support helped us put a solution in place that everyone is excited about.” - Erin Hart, Administrator Three Rivers Christian School

Three Rivers Christian School (TRCS) serves over 500 students ranging from infants through 12th grade by providing faith-centered formal education. The school strives to foster an environment focused on academic rigor, the opportunity to share and develop faith, and the relative freedom to teach strong standards.

The Challenges

Students and Staff use Chromebooks and Google Apps For Education as part of their everyday operations. A simple solution was needed to facilitate printing to Konica Minolta BizHubs on the Elementary and High School campuses. The large number of users necessitated features that would help minimize costs resulting from unnecessary print jobs.

The Solution

MiNET responded quickly to the requests of the school’s IT lead with suggestions to use EveryonePrint’s embedded PIN code release module on their Konica BizHubs*. Using a PIN to release documents while the user is at the machine has eliminated the need to reprint lost or forgotten jobs. This has saved the school both initial investment and ongoing consumable costs.

The Result

Students and Staff at TRCS are now able to easily and securely print their documents from anywhere. The intuitive user portal makes IT support as simple as sharing a web link. Users are able to easily set up their own Chromebooks for printing. TRCS’s administration is enjoying a better printing experience for their students and staff with the added benefit of saving costs.

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