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New Life for Legacy Applications

“Manipulex has allowed for my company to use new printers with older legacy software. It has also allowed us to move away from dot matrix printers and utilize HP printers.” - Brad Baker, IT Systems Administrator, KCG

KCG, inc. has multiple locations that manufacture and distribute interior and exterior construction products throughout most of the United States. Their emphasis is on a value add approach in offering both specialty and commodity products to the commercial and residential building products market.

The Challenges

Multi-part forms are a critical part of business operations for KCG. It used to be that their only printing options were expensive pre-printed forms for outdated impact printers or specialty laser equipment that was costly to lease and maintain. In their efforts to stay up to date and reduce printing costs, KCG decided to install HP printers provided by their Solution Representative from MAPS*. Unfortunately their business management software was not capable of producing the multi-copy feature on their new printers.

The Solution

Manipulex from MiNET installed in minutes and instantly enabled KCG to print multiple copies of a document with ease. Integration between printers and software was seamless. MiNET was readily available to assist during the install and configuration.

The Result

Even as KCG expands, the implementation of multi-part forms on new HP printers from MAPS will be effortless. Staff at KCG are now able to easily print high quality, multi-part documents on any laser printer. The process is transparent to the end user with no process changes or new training needed. Manipulex has allowed KCG to take full advantage of their HP printer investment and open the door to future cost savings by offering the ability to digitize forms.

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