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Lost in Translation?

Finding a customer that is still using impact or dot matrix printers is a slam dunk opportunity for placing new equipment.

The trouble is the amount of printer languages floating around. Ever heard of Code V/Kodescript, didn't think so. It's not always as easy as "unplug and replace". Datastream language is often unique to the printer or sometimes even custom written in legacy applications (IBM AS400).

Oftentimes the customer is using the dot matrix in order to have a multi-part form (ie. white, pink and canary). That need does't disappear, they just want it on a Laser printer now. The simplest solution is to add optional trays, each with different color stocks. Although, I've yet to find a printer that can turn a single print into multiple copies AND pull each from a unique bin. The current form stock is what offers the multi-part capability... not the datastream or printer.


Many hardware reps have excellent relationships and abilities to place new machines but don't always know where to turn when dealing with a unique situation like the aforementioned. This is where it's so valuable to have a Solutions Resource. There is a software solution available designed for ease-of-use in any situation. A multi-tool of output customization, if you will. #MiNETrpm natively supports the latest PCLXL tray mapping to make pulling multiple copies from different trays a cinch. In almost every case, no change to the customer's workflow or culture is ever needed.

As if a Sales Rep ever needed a valid reason to say yes to unique requests...only to leave it up to Support to find the there is no reason to ever walk away from a sale. IBM servers? Weird printer language? Need to create Searchable PDF files on the fly? Customize workflow based on print data? Our answer, Just Say Yes! and turn to your Solution Experts at MiNET, inc. We help turn "just another Sales Rep" into a "Problem Solving Hero".

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