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Three's Better...

... or any number of copies for that matter.

The customer, a large food distributor, was interested in replacing Impact Printers with Laser Multi-Function units. All they needed was the same three-part form capability. Easy, right? Just set the driver to force 3 copies. Not so much.

An Enterprise Solutions Consultant at a leading Document Systems Manufacturer was tasked with meeting their customer's requirement of printing 3 copies of a print job and stapling them as a single job in a specific Output Tray. When the driver is used to force 3 copies the printers sees each page as an individual job and thus doesn't staple properly. The delivery of new equipment was contingent upon these exact functionalities.

The Consultant had worked with MiNET before and was confident in their expertise in handling unique customer requests. MiNET's solution was installed and within an hour the customer had their desired output. This customer already sees value in now rolling this out to additional locations.

With MiNET's solution, the Enterprise Solutions Consultant was able to add value and provide cost savings without sacrificing profit margin.

If you have a similar project or for more details, contact your MiNET Representative or email at

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