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Does your print stream...

...need a makeover?

Common Requests

Triplicate Printing (Multi-tray, Multi-printer, Multi-copy printing) ie. replacing Impact or Line printers 

Dynamically insert images, barcodes, change text and more based on print stream keywords

Covert legacy printstreams to correctly print on latest model Laser Printers

Dynamically route print jobs based on print stream keywords

Use print job key data to name files for archiving or digital distribution

The MiNET Solution

Manipulex is a Windows® based tool that offers formatting, design, and distribution control of variable data from any platform.

Unlimited Printer Connections
Conditionally Insert Images, Watermarks and More
Eliminate Pre-Printed And Multi-Part Forms
Automate Batch Processes And Distribution
Drag ‘N Drop Design Tool For Report Formatting
Dynamically Use Variable Data To Split, Copy, Generate File Names, Archive And More

A Few Satisfied Customers

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